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Does your IT fully meet the requirements of your business?

Could your business recover from a serious systems failure?

All clients are assigned a professional, qualified IT Manager, with many years experience, to manage their network. This service includes:

IT Strategy, Planning and Review Meetings

Do you have a clear IT strategy and roadmap? With Purplepig IT your assigned IT Manager will help you develop a technology plan that is carefully aligned with your business goals. This will ensure you get the right solutions for your business and avoid wasting money on the wrong technology.

Disaster Recovery Planning

If disaster should strike, do you have a plan in place to get your business back up and running? Your assignedIT Manager will help you build a resilient disaster recovery plan so that you are covered if the unthinkable should happen.

Audit / Inventory

Our advanced management platform maintains a live inventory of the hardware and software in use in your organisation. This information is available to you to help with licensing compliance and insurance records.


Our monthly reports show your network health in an easy to read format.

Application Deployment and Updates

Deploying new applications and updates can be a real headache. Our support team will deal with the deployment of new applications and any updates that are required.

"Lets us come along and develop an IT strategy thats right for you." "
Gary Robinson | Managing Director| Purplepig ICT