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Are you fed up with your computers running slow?

Are your systems running at full capacity?

Purplepig IT utilise an advanced monitoring platform which continually monitors the health of our clients’ IT systems 24x7. Our engineers are alerted to looming problems and can take action to resolve them before they cause disruption. This includes:

Server Availability Alerting

24x7 monitoring of your servers means that we will often know there is a problem before you and can respond accordingly. Server offline? You could find us waiting outside your office when you arrive in the morning, to get you up and running quickly.

Drive Space Monitoring

Do your systems have plenty of capacity or are they already overloaded? Disk space and drive issues are one of the most common causes of system problems. Regular monitoring allows Purplepig IT to head off these issues before they cause downtime, and predict future requirements to help with upgrade planning.

Performance Monitoring

Are your employees complaining about slow systems and IT problems? Performance monitoring ensures Purplepig IT knows about any systems slow-down before it starts costing you time and money. The hardware inventory allows us to identify performance bottlenecks and target upgrades if necessary.

Service Monitoring

Are you sure your IT systems are running as they should be? Servers host dozens of services, many performing a vital role in the smooth running of your network infrastructure. We constantly monitor the state of these key services to ensure they are running as expected.

Event Log Monitoring

Your systems maintain comprehensive second-by-second lists of information events, warnings and errors. We check this data to verify system health and identify any problems that may be building up in the background.

Exchange Monitoring

If your Exchange database reaches capacity, or suffers corruption, you could be without email, calendar and contact information. Our systems monitor Exchange health to ensure continuous operation.

Scheduled Proactive Maintenance

Purplepig IT carries out a range of scheduled tasks to keep your systems running at peak performance, including drive optimisation and system clean-ups.